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The photographs on this page have been taken by myself over the last 15 years or so and feature various original Space 1999 models that I have had the pleasure of inspecting. The camera is a simple 35mm Praktica with no special features or even a flash so many of the pictures had to use long exposure settings with available lighting. - However with the benefit of a reasonably steady hand, good focusing and modern computer image fixing I think they look alright. Many of these models were only available for viewing thanks to the efforts of well known Gerry Anderson prop collector Philip D Rae, and I take this opportunity to thank him again for his time and generosity.

I'm not going to go into too much detail here or explain exactly all the names of the models or which episodes they appear in - you should know after 30 years!! These pictures were taken in the early 1990's when the models had recently been acquired from Alton Towers where they had been on public display for many years. The Superswift (above) had a lot of missing parts and was mostly just the central core (hollow plastic tubing) and a nosecone. This model like others featured numerous Airfix 1/24 scale Harrier kit parts.

Left; The Swift (from Brian the Brain) in background, Superswift (The Bringers of Wonder) in the middle with large Ultraprobe (Dragons Domain) in foreground. It still amazes me even to this day that Martin Bower managed to build models to this size and quality so quickly. While the models looked great in the series they often feature far more detail than was ever glimpsed on screen.

Small 3 foot Ultrprobe below

Big 6 foot version above

Above; The big version of the glider from The Immunity Syndrome. Construction Perspex and car filler. Instead of kitparts and Plasticard detailing Martin would also use multiple shades of the same basic colour to break up the flat surfaces and create superb panel detail.

Above the prison ship from Dorsak.

Left; A Gerry Anderson display at Middleforth School in Preston 1993 raises 2000 for charity.

Above; OK the Altares isn't actually Space 1999 but its close - nice bit of modelmaking too. Two Altares models were built between seasons 1 & 2 of Space 1999. Martin Bower believed it was for use on the series and built it using the same Earth technology 'look' he always used for his spacecraft designs. The forward crew cabin was supposed to detach like Fireball XL5

I hope you have enjoyed this small collection of Space: 1999 model pictures, but don't you just wish you owned them?

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