The Original 44" Eagle 1 Studio Model Today from the Gerry Anderson television series Space:1999

Above & Below: Eagle 1 on display at the 2015 Fanderson Convention 'The Future is Fantastic' October 2-4th
with (above) original 22" Eagle in the background
Landscape built by Chris Trice.
Above: Eagle on display at RAF Cosford 2014
Above & below: Eagle on display at Leicester Space Centre 2013

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September 2005 Eagle 1, with 22" replica, on display at the Fanderson Convention, and showing the Grab-arm made for the second season episode 'The Exiles'.

* I've now posted a short film about this model on You-Tube, which can be seen HERE

Above; Original 44" studio models reunited - Eagle 1 (nearest camera) and Eagle 2