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I have received countless emails over the last 15 years from fans wanting to build a model, static or radio-controlled, of the Gerry Anderson classic super-submarine Stingray.
The email always asks 'Do I have plans?'
Well the answer is that I did not use a plan to make my model as I just modified a fibreglass casting using measurements obtained from photographs. So I don't have one myself, but my friend Phil Rae did draw a pretty decent plan many years ago which was published in the Anderson fan magazine S.I.G.
With the courtesy of Phil here is his plan, together with a few other bits and some odds and ends
from the internet. I wish you well with your build.
Above and below - Publicity photos from the studio of the medium sized model.
Above the largest model of Stingray
Below - the original small prototype model
Below - a scan of the original Stingray plans used to build the models - courtesy of Anderson Entertainment.
A better scan is on the back page of the old Gerry Anderson magazine 'Century 21' issue 5.
Below - an original sketch/plan of the small one-man Aquasprites that sit in the sides of Stingray and can detach. This plan is from an unknown source on the internet, possibly re-posted from an auction house sale? Apologies to the person who took it for not giving credit here.
I hope these scans are of use to people hoping to build models of Stingray.

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