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Original Angel model from
Captain Scarlet

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In issues 11 and 12 of the excellent 1980s Gerry Anderson magazine 'S.I.G' an interview was published with the legendary special effects expert Derek Meddings. The man responsible for bringing to life all the marvelous fantasy vehicles, and explosions, in the early classic Anderson television shows up to the live-action series 'UFO'.
The interview was conducted by the magazine's creators and editors David Nightingale and Brendan Sheehan, together with Phil Rae, who of course asked many interesting questions - with the most important for fans being
'Do you have any souvenirs?'
Sadly his answer was no, but then he mentioned having a broken Angel Intercepter from Captain Scarlet, and that he kept on meaning to bring it into his current workshop to have one of his model makers repair it for him. Of course this never happened because the next item in 'The Phil Rae Collection' became an Angel Interceptor!
Above: The Angel model undergoing repairs by Phil. This picture clearly shows the areas of damage and not too surprisingly they are the more delicate outer edges of the various wing tips and the long nose.
The model was one of the bigger Angel miniatures used on the show, a size seen here being prepared for the launch sequence. In fact the model being worked on could indeed be the actual model in question, as Phil's model only had etched panel lines on the camera side and therefore would be one of the two furthest away from camera. Only the front 'hero' model apparently had etched panel lines on all sides.
The clear canopy and pilot figure are replacements made by Phil.
The Angel model being displayed to camera by Gerry Anderson
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Photos courtesy of Phil Rae

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