Phil Rae's Prop Collecting Photo History
Original models from 'Thunderbirds'

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Above: A photograph of Phil's early collection, which also contained his oldest original models from the television series Thunderbirds. Below is the 'Hoverbus' that appeared in the TV show, and I believe the feature film Thunderbird 6.
Below: The small model of the 'Ocean Pioneer'. Next to it is a surviving piece of the undercarriage from the 'Zero-X' spacecraft that featured in the feature film Thunderbirds Are Go.
Below: A transport truck built for Thunderbirds that was changed in to a secret V.I.P transporter called 'Yellow Fox' for the follow-up TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.
Phil's original puppets and models displayed in a publicity shoot with Gerry Anderson
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Photos courtesy of Phil Rae

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