Modelmaking on TV, Print... and other things.

Over the years I've written quite a few articles for magazines, supplied models for publicity events, photographs for various merchandise - and my models have even appeared on television. So I thought I should record it all somewhere on my website just to keep track of what I've done, although I've probably missed a few off!

TV appearances

1990 - My model of Fab 1 used by Gerry Anderson for his Swinton Insurance 'Thunderbirds' inspired television commercial.
1991 - My model of Fab 1 used again by Gerry Anderson for his follow up Swinton Insurance television commercial, called 'Brains'.
1998 - My appearance (above right) on the BBC 2 television series 'Lost In Space'. Episode called 'The Fandersons'. Part of a series of 15-minute programs about different Science Fiction fans of either Gerry Anderson, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Prisoner, Blakes 7, or The X-Files.
2007 - BBC4 documentary about the making of Thunderbirds. It featured two shots of TB2 and TB3 flying past camera in close-up. Also a shot of TB2 in the hangar (lifting up to reveal the BBC4 logo on the pod door) was filmed, which was repeated throughout the night between each program.
2013 - BBC 2 'Newsnight' item covering the funeral of Gerry Anderson, featuring shots of my model display at the reception afterwards.
2015 - BBC1 'One Show' item about 'Thunderbirds', both the classic and new series. Panning shots of three models. (Hangar set by Hilton Fitzsimmons)

Books & Other merchandise

1992 - Model Art Thunderbirds Book. Printed in Japan. Included a section on my early model replica builds : Building TB2,3,4 & Fab 1
1999 - EMI records created a series of CD albums called Songbooks, which featured the favourite musical choices of famous people.
Gerry Anderson was asked to list his favourites, which included 'The Thunderbird March', 'Shooting Star' with Cliff Richard, 'Calling Elvis', 'Adagio In G Minor' (What you say? It's that haunting music from Space:1999s Dragons Domain episode) and of course.....'Puppet on a String!

Hours were spent shooting photographs of peoples collections and in the end they mostly used old ITC stock pictures! I did manage to get my Thunderbird 3 on the cover and CD though.

2009 - Fireball DVD boxset - Produced by Network DVD, released 2009. XL5 photographs used on box cover, DVDs, booklet, and adverts.
2015 - 50 Years of Thunderbirds, a complete guide to Thunderbirds bookzine by Panini. Featuring four pages about me building replica TB models.


Model Art.
Printed in Japan
Oct 1989.

Building an 18" TB1

Model Art.
Printed in Japan
March 1990.

Building a 24" TB2

Science Fiction
Modeller No 4.

Printed in Australia
August 1990.

Building TB1 and overview of hobby

Model Art.
Printed in Japan Jan 1991.

Building an SPV

Science Fiction Modeller No 6.
Printed in Australia
Feb 1991.

Building 15" SPV

Science Fiction
Modeller No 7
Printed in Australia June 1991.

Model Display Fanderson 90

Science Fiction Modeller No 8.
Printed in Australia Oct 1991

Model Photography

Science Fiction Modeller No 9.
Printed in Australia Feb 1992.

Building a 3 foot Skydiver

Science Fiction Modeller No 10. Printed in Australia
June 1992.

Building TB 2, 3, 4 & Fab 1. Thunderbird special

Science Fiction Modeller No 11. Printed in Australia
Oct 1992.

Wolverhampton Gerry Anderson Exhibition report

Model Art.
Printed in Japan
Nov 1992.

Building Skydiver

SF & F Issue 1. Printed in UK
Jan 1994.

Building Skydiver

SF & F Issue 2. Printed in UK
Mar 1994.

Building Thunderbird 2

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 1. *Relaunch
Printed in UK Jul/Aug 1994.

Building Thunderbird 4

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 2 Printed in UK Sep/Oct 1994.

Building Starbug

Science Fiction Modeller No 17. Printed in
Australia Nov/Dec 1994.

Building Starbug & Spacesuit repair

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 3 Printed in UK Nov/Dec 1994.

Building Battletank

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 4. Printed in UK
Jan/Feb 1995

Building a 44" Eagle

Science Fiction Modeller No 18. Printed in
Australia Apr/May 1995.

Trying to film a Sci-Fi Epic!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 6. Printed in UK May/Jun 1995.

Building the Lunar Module

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 7. Printed in UK Jul/Aug 1995.

Building Treehawk

Science Fiction Modeller No 19. Printed in Australia Aug/Sept 1995.

Building 44" Eagle and BBC SFX studio visit

Science Fiction Modeller No 20. Printed in Australia Nov/Dec 1995.

Building small Shado Mobile & Lunar Module

Science Fiction Modeller No 21. Printed in Australia Mar/Apr 1996.

Building Battletank

Best of Science Fiction Modeller. Printed in Australia July 1996.

Reprint TB1 & SPV

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 14. Printed in UK Sept 1996.

Building Stingray

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 15 Printed in UK Oct/Nov 1996.

Building a Moonbase Interceptor

Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Vol.1 Printed in UK in 1996.

Building TB4 & Starbug reprints

Science Fiction Modeller No 22. Printed in Australia Feb/Mar 1997.

Overlander restoration

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 21. Printed in UK July 1997.

Overlander restoration

Science Fiction Modeller No 23. Printed in Australia Aug/Sep 1997.

Starbug upgrade + real Starbug pics

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 22. Printed in UK Aug/Sep 1997.

Building the Shado Mobile

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 26. Printed in UK Feb/Mar 1998.

Building the Battlehawk

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 38. Printed in UK July 1999.

Building the SPC

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Issue 40. Printed in UK Oct 1999.

Building the MSV

Fab issue 41. Printed in UK 2001.

Building Thunderbird 1

Fab issue 48. Printed in UK 2004.

Restoring the original 44" Eagle

Fab issue 58. Printed in UK Nov 2007.

Building Thunderbird 2 & Interview with Terrahawk model makers

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller volume 9. Printed in UK April 2008.

Restoring the Original studio Eagle miniature 20 page special

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller 'Modelling the 21st Century'.
Printed in UK July 2008
Thunderbird 2, Fireball XL5, SPV and Interview!
Space: 1999 Calender
Eagle Cover Picture only. (UK)
Space: 1999 Earthfall novel
by E.C.Tubb
UK reprint 2002

Eagle cover shot

Andersonic issue 15
Printed in UK Spring 2013
Stingray cover shot
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller special -
Modelling the Eagle
Printed UK 2015
Eagle restoration