Terrahawks - Behind The Scenes Special
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Spacetank appeared only once during the Terrahawks television series, in the episode 'Two For The Price Of One'. Designed by Special Effects Director Steven Begg in January 1984. See below: The original design courtesy of Century 21 magazine issue 13
Below: Only one model was required and this was a very accurate reproduction of the design sketch.
Considering the cost and time involved in buying more expensive wheels, and making the heavy brass suspension arms, it's likely that the chassis is simply borrowed from the front two sections of the Overlander model (as the rear section had plastic hubs).
Below: Note the two rows of Zeriods, in trenches along the top surface, that are not mentioned in the story.
Below: Puppet set photos by Art Director Gary Tomkins.
Below: Spacetank is deployed from Spacehawk for a test dive on the Moon's surface.
Spacetank on display at 1980s Fanderson convention - pictures Doug Pelton.

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My thanks to Steven Begg for his preproduction artwork for this article.
Thanks also to Gary Tomkins for the use of his set photographs.
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