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I thought it would be a good idea to feature some of the model displays that I have taken part in over the years, so that you can see what the models actually look like in 'real-life', and so that I can also then remember what I have been doing! Unfortunately I usually spend so much time and effort transporting and setting up the displays that I never seem to have the time to take that many pictures - so my thanks go out to those people that have kindly sent me in theirs.

Planned Future Displays
August 11th 2024 Cromford Mills, near Matlock Bath
To be confirmed - Smallspace
Leicester Space Centre



Papplewick Pumping Station 30th September 2023
13th August 2023 Cromford Mills and the event keeps on growing, our biggest yet with approximately 3000 visitors!
Finally managed to get back to Smallspace in Hanslope this year, always a great day out talking about model making. Here I am chatting to SFX man Alan 'Rocky' Marshall, builder of the original Starbug model on 'Red Dwarf.'
15-16th June 2023 and the Leicester National Space Centre resumes the BritSciFi event.


Back at Cromford Mills for the 2022 August event, and again only the one event in 2022 partly due to Covid but mostly due to us being in the messy process of moving house.
Saturday 14th August and we were back at Cromford Mills for a much bigger event...... if still in the masks!
August 30th 2020, in the middle of the COVID panic we managed to put on a small display at Cromford Mills near Matlock in Derbyshire. I was joined by Simon Rhodes, Richard Ashton and Tony Freeman and we managed to fill about half of their very nice marquee.

The day was a great success helped by the desire of a lot of people simply to get out of the house! We plan to do this in following years, only bigger and better.


My models at the 2019 Fanderson display room


It was another rather large display at 2019s Gerry Anderson event at the Leicester Space Centre.

Left : The Zero-X got quite a bit of attention, partly because the revised version had just appeared on the new CGI Thunderbirds series.
Below: One of police officer Brogan's original shirts was added to my Space Precinct collection this year. Next to that was my Terrahawk selection with three of my biggest models the Battlehawk, Overlander and Spacehawk.


The most fun day of the year is the Smallspace event in Hanslope, 2019 was no exception and I was joined here by Tony Freeman, Richard Ashton (of It's an Ashton Models) and Alison Thorn.
A small display as usual featuring my original Eagle and an assorted collection, including my Moonbase Interceptor before it was sent off to it's new home in Italy.


Another tent means that I was back at the Papplewick Pumping Station, this time with a bigger tent and sunshine. This time there were more people displaying, together with special guest SFX director (Space: 1999/ Alien/ The Empire Strikes Back) Brian Johnson. A much better weekend even if the tent did try to take off!
Not too many events in 2018, the Gerry Anderson weekend at the Leicester Space Centre was there again, this time with us positioned in the Shuttle Suites which was good.

Strangest display ever was in a tent at the historic Papplewick Pumping Station, I only did it because it was so local. It began raining as soon as we set up and kept lashing it down all day! The models and other display items got wet and I said that I would never do it again....... but did.

FAB : The Worlds of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson - Leciester Space Centre 16-17th September

We have previously displayed at the Space Centre as part of several British Sci-Fi celebrations, but this time the Centre decided to do a themed weekend just about the popular worlds of Gerry Anderson. About twenty of us took part putting on a display that covered most of Gerry's popular programs, with a heavy emphasis on Thunderbirds. I had a nice weekend and spent a fair bit of time chatting to members of the public who visited, as well as those hardcore fans who always support these events with great enthusiasm.

Above: Since taking Zero-X down from the ceiling I have been taking it out on regular occasions this year. Below: Some of Simon Rhodes original items from Space: 1999, working medical panel, Pilot Ship from 'The Bringers of Wonder', and a guard's head garment from 'Devils Planet'.
Fanderson: The Future is Fantastic - 2nd - 4th October 2015

As usual I was enlisted to provide a display for the latest Fanderson convention....just remembered that my first one was Fanderson 1982, boy thats a long time ago! My new Overlander model made it's first public appearance and the Eagle stood on a rather nice landscape set built by professional model maker Chris Trice.
(Theres a few more pictures on my Eagle 1 Today webpage.)


With the original 'Thunderbirds' television series reaching it's 50th birthday this year we have seen a variety of new merchandising items in the shops to celebrate the occasion. One of the latest being this bookzine publication by Panini magazines.

It includes interviews with many of the people involved with the creation of the much-loved series, with many behind-the-scenes photographs and pictures from every episode made.

It also includes spin-off items about books, toys, and comics, as well as interviews with other people ......... like me!


Smallspace: 4 - July 12th 2015

Smallspace was bigger than ever this year with a record number of people displaying their models, puppets, and props. I had my latest models, Spacehawk and Fireball XL5, on display together with Eagle 1... which this year was joined by Eagle 2 (top left) courtesy of Andrew Frampton.

Visit the Smallspace website for a full picture report - See LINK


Andercon 2 - June 12-14th at Athena in Leicester
The second Gerry Anderson convention to be organised by Anderson Entertainment was another full weekend event, this time held in the city of Leicester. Like the previous year it also featured a great many puppet and model displays. There were some very nice original studio items on show but most were replica builds including some rather large puppet sets and an 88" Eagle (unfinished). I was there again with a fair amount of my collection and took the opportunity to show off my newly built Fireball XL5 model, which is an improved version of the previous model featured on this site.


Sci-Fi Scarborough 14-15th March 2015 at the Spa Complex

A good weekend in Scarborough for my first public display of 2015 and the BBC's 'One Show' turned up to film some clips for a program about the classic 1960s series Thunderbirds. This short feature was broadcast in early April to tie in with the first showing of the new series 'Thunderbirds Are Go' - yet another poor attempt to bring 'International Rescue' back to life, but this time by using CGI cartoon characters.

During the weekend many attendees were interviewed to explain why they liked Thunderbirds...... and they all ended up on the cutting room floor! My sympathies go out to them all - but I wasn't too surprised having experienced this sort of thing before. I did at least get three models on screen (see above screen grabs), if for only 2-3 seconds each. Still that does now mean that my Thunderbird 2 model has now appeared on BBC1, BBC2, and BBC4, I just need BBC3 to do a program on Gerry Anderson and I will have completed the set!

Alpha: 2014 The UK Chrysalis - Space: 1999 convention Sept 12-15th 2014
'Space: 1999' fans from around the World gathered at the Holiday Inn, in Peterborough, to celebrate the classic 1970s Gerry Anderson television series. Here they were able to meet and chat to the stars, buy new merchandise, and see a large display of props, models, and costumes from the show. The display consisted of both replica pieces and many original studio items, including two original 44-inch Eagles, Moonbase Alpha buildings, and the appearance of four spacesuits.... we probably haven't had that many together since the show ended back in 1976!
Youtube video - See Link
Photo above left: Catherine Schell finds her old spacesuit from the film 'Moon Zero Two'. Top right: Alan Carter returns to Moonbase Alpha as actor Nick Tate visits the set built by Darrell Simmonds and Hilton Fitzsimmons.
Photo below left: Nick and Catherine have their photos taken (replica jacket by David McLaughlin).
Photo below right - left to right: Paul Stankevitch, Martin Willey, David Sisson, Jim Winch, Bill Oram, Chris Potter, Darrell Simmonds, Andrew Frampton, Hilton Fitzsimmonds, Simon Rhodes, and Tony Freeman.


RAF Cosford: 2 - 17th - 18th May 2014
Below - Newspaper article courtesy of 'The Shropshire Star'
After the success of the first display (in 2012) the RAF Museum dedicated another weekend to the classic Gerry & Sylvia Anderson television shows. I was part of a large group of fans displaying original and replica models, props, and puppets. In fact this was probably the largest collection of original studio puppets ever assembled for such a display, and seen by nearly 5000 visitors this time.
Contributors included - Bob & Sue Bailey, Simon Rhodes, Phil Rae, Andrew Frampton, Chris King, Mamas Pitsillis, Mark Shaw, Hilton Fitzsimmons, Darrell Simmonds, Chris Potter, Graham Farley, Chris Trice, Martin Willey, and Jim Winch.

Photos above: part of the large puppet display, these are mostly restored original items which included three Joe 90s!
Photos below: Our display area, with Phil Rae (far left), Simon Rhodes (centre) and Mamas Pitsillis (right)
Centre photo courtesy Rob Carson


Andercon: 19th - 20th April 2014

Andercon 2014 was the first Gerry Anderson Convention from Anderson Entertainment, a weekend dedicated to celebrating the worlds and characters created by the legendary television producer, featuring a variety of prop, puppet, and model displays, as well as a large gathering of special guests.

I managed to display most of my replica models, thanks in part to now having a bigger car! The Zero-X was out for only it's third public display - I'd take it out more often but it's a real pain to lower down from the ceiling and then have to put back up.
While I was there Liz Morgan (voice artist of Destiny, Rhapsody & Harmony Angels) had her publicity photographs taken holding my Angel Interceptor replica. Shane Rimmer (Scott Tracy) posed with TB1 whilst Matt Zimmerman (Alan Tracy) held on tight to Thunderbird 3.


Brit Sci-Fi 4 - Leicester Space Centre; 1-2nd March 2014

This years event was centred mostly on 'Blake's Seven', 'Red Dwarf' and the 'Tomorrow People'... with a bit of 'Doctor Who' too. Darrell Simmonds, Hilton Fitzsimmons, Mark Shaw, Simon Rhodes, Chris Potter, and myself, put on a display of props and models to represent the old Gerry Anderson shows. The display included the full-size 'Moonbase Alpha Command Center' replica set built by Darrell and Hilton, which proved popular with many of the visiting actors, including the 1970s Tomorrow People. Picture above right: Standing left to right- Mike Holoway (Mike), Peter Vaughan-Clarke (Stephen), Misako Koba (Hsui Tai), Sammie Winmill (Carol). While sitting at the front is Nicholas Young (John), the main star of the show who has just appeared in the new remake.

Pictures above; on Sunday the 'Red Dwarf 'cast came over to have a closer look at my models; Danny John-Jules (Cat) wanted a picture taken with him holding Fab 1, whilst Chris Barrie (Rimmer) wanted to hold his favourite Thunderbird. Not to be out-done Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) quickly grabbed a familiar looking model.
Photos courtesy of Darrell Simmonds and Simon Rhodes.

Above Left: 12th October 2013 - A display by myself and Simon Rhodes at the Terrahawks 30-Year Anniversary Convention, hence the Terrahawk models taking centre stage. I had one of the original spaceships to display, courtesy of Bob Bailey, and had managed to finish my Hudson model. I also displayed the sign that hung outside the SFX stage, which is something that I've just managed to prise out of Bob's hands!
Photo above right:
Smallspace 2013 that was held earlier in the year on the 7th July. Lots of fun and another great day thanks to the efforts of Mat Irvine and Paul Fitzmaurice. I had my Space Precinct Cruiser on display here although it was far from being finished.


Brit Sci-Fi 2013 - Leicester Space Centre: 9th-10th March

This years event had stars from 'Doctor Who', 'Blakes 7', and 'Red Dwarf', but was dedicated to the late Gerry Anderson; with a number of guests from his past productions there to sign autographs and give talks, lead by his son Jamie Anderson. As a result the event had a separate display area called 'Anderson Alley', which featured many replica & original models, puppets, and props supplied by Mark Shaw, Hilton Fitzsimmons, Darrell Simmonds, Simon Rhodes, Jim Winch, Chris Potter, Chris Trice, Mamas Pitsillis, Duncan Willis, and myself.


The Funeral of Gerry Anderson : January 11th 2013

A sad time for his fans around the World when Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999 and many other fantastic television programs, passed away on the 26th December 2012. His funeral was held two weeks later at Reading Crematorium with a reception afterwards at the Phyllis Court Club, Henley-on-Thames.
It was a Humanist ceremony with tributes and memories provided by Nick Williams (Chairman of Fanderson), Shane Rimmer (voice of Scott Tracy), John Gore (Broadway Producer), Jamie Anderson (Gerry's younger son), and Jeremy Hughes - Chairman of the Alzheimer's Society, an illness that Gerry had been suffering from for many years.

The family had a Parker puppet (a replica by Duncan Willis) to display at the reception but wanted to have a bigger display to more fully represent Gerry's long career, and to provide a talking point for the several hundred invited guests. As a result I was asked to assemble a display with an item, or two, from each of his most famous programs. Further puppets and props were kindly provided by Bob Bailey, Martin Gainsford, Chris Bentley, and Ralph Titterton.

Whilst a sad occasion it was also a time to celebrate Gerry's work and the friendships that had been made over the years. Family, close friends, people from the film industry, and many old-time fans were there to remember and chat over past events.
Above right: A small reunion of Terrahawks staff pose for a group shot. Left to right: Peter Holmes, Terry Adlam, Gary Tomkins, Jan King, Judy Preece, Steven Begg, Richard Gregory, and Peter Tilbe. Insert: The tables were decorated with small floral displays in the shape of many well known craft.
See the BBC Newsnight report here on



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