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The ZEAF - Zelda Earth Atmosphere Fighter
In the early episodes of 'Terrahawks' the villian Zelda attacked Mars, and then the Earth, using a fleet of large space cruisers that could interlock with a central hub to form her base of operations. These ships moved through space at a fairly slow speed, in a similar manner to the effects shots in the earlier series 'Space: 1999' that had been modelled on the more realistic look of the film '2001'. However further stories called for smaller, more nimble, craft - and so the ZEAF was created.
Designed and built by
John Lee, it was constructed around a hollow tube that slotted over a rotating rod on stage. This, in conjunction with the camera tracking quickly towards, or away from it, gave the impression of great speed. This model gave Special Effects director Steven Begg the opportunity to inject more energy into his SFX work and get a more 'Star Wars' feel to the show.
This agile fighter quickly became Zelda's primary attack and defence craft, and began to feature heavily as the series started creating some very ambitious space battle sequences, such as in the episodes 'A Christmas Miracle', 'The Ultimate Menace', and 'First Strike'.
John built two versions, the primary model featured here, and a tiny one measuring about 2” long. Kit-bashing is used for detail - the disc on the rear tail plane (see below) coming from an Airfix 1/24th scale Harrier and having a diameter of 26mm means that this model is around 13 & 1/2 inches long.
Below: Two ZEAF craft in the model shop - one 'a little bit worse for wear'. Originally an unmanned craft later episodes would call for it to carry various characters to Earth, so a cockpit was added.

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