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Hi, I'm glad that you have enjoyed my website and/or my previous magazine articles enough to want to contact me.
Since setting up this website I have been receiving a steady stream of emails from fellow model makers and general
Sci-Fi enthusiasts around the world. Its reassuring to know that today there is such an interest in these types of models.
While you may be lucky to get a quick response be advised that I do not switch my computer on all the time
and your email might not be the first or second of the day - so a reply might sometimes take a while.
(So far I have managed to reply to 'almost' every message, so a non-response probably means a computer/health/family problem)
**Can I please ask that you put your full name on the message and which country you live in** example - Joe Bloggs / Italy
as I find it nice to know who I'm talking to and its better than just getting messages simply marked
'Hi its Pete'!

Thanks... please click NEW CONTACT ADDRESS to contact me
or ......
To save a bit of time here are the most common questions and answers so far

Is anything for sale?....Generally speaking no, but you can always make me an offer if you are very interested in one
I want to build Stingray do you have photographs that I can use
................. Yes please click HERE
Would you build a model for me?
....... Sorry but this is just my hobby and I'm very busy
Can I borrow/rent your Space:1999 spacesuit (PS I have no money)
.......... Sorry NO, it's too valuable
Can you tell me where I can buy some Thunderbirds toys
.......... Not really, try ebay
Can you lend me all your models for a fan film/ video/ my exhibition (PS I have no money!)
....... NO
Do you sell casts of the Shado Mobile wheels/tracks?....... No, try buying a TIGER JOE TANK on Ebay.
Can you calculate how big Thunderbird 2/SPV would be in real-life .... Sorry, I'm only interested in the models
Are the models radio-controlled, do they fly/drive/go into space etc?...............Urrr...No
Do you have blueprints?........ I tend to use partial plans that are often cut up, covered in coffee stains, eaten..etc
Do you have moulds of ?..... I only have some basic master patterns, plaster moulds are broken in the build process.