The Original 44" Eagle 1 Studio Model: Previous History from the television series Space:1999

The original first 44" Eagle model built back in late 1973, seen here in the workhop at Bray Studios, with it's designer and special effects director Brian Johnson, during filming on the first series of Space: 1999.
Above Left: Brian holds the Eagle during filming on the second series of Space: 1999. Above Right: The model given a fresh coat of paint for the last few episodes to be filmed (late 1976).
The Eagle in Phil Raes home in the early 1980s, now with different paint details, tapes and red stripes.
Phil also had the passenger pod built for Eagle 3 and would use that to get a standard white Eagle.
The model on public display around 1990. Phil also added the black soot effect to the engine bells.
The original passenger pod.
At several events the additional 'Grab-Arm', created for series two, was also displayed in action..
Above: Photo taken at the Gerry Anderson exhibition at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery - 1992.
The various coloured tapes, panel lines, and Alpha badges are not screen accurate.
The small V-shaped pipes in the spine (top centre) are just bits of plastic tube crudely glued into position to replace the missing original brass parts.
The Eagle arrives at my home in Nottingham in 2002. Numerous broken soldered joints meant that the framework was coming apart, with several pieces missing (note missing horizontal pieces in the front of the spine) The rear engine section was hanging off, the nosecone was attached in the wrong place, and the shoulder pods had lifting panels. Restoration was urgently needed before it fell apart.

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