Interview Selection
Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of speaking to some of the very talented people involved in producing my favourite television shows, films, or books. Most of the resulting interviews have been printed in the Gerry Anderson fan magazine 'FAB', however I thought it would be better to give them a wider audience by presenting them here.
I hope you enjoy reading them.


Ian Wingrove
The veteran Special Effects man chats about working on the
Gerry Anderson productions - from 'Stingray' to 'UFO'.
Brian Johnson
Well known for creating the spectacular effects in 'Space: 1999',
as well as 'Alien' and 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Brian talks about his long career
in the film and television industry.
Steven Begg 1
Now accustomed to working on the special effects for major feature films,
Steven casts his mind back to 1982 when he really had to 'expect the unexpected'
when filming 'Terrahawks'.
Steven Begg 2
Steven talks about his work on 'Space Precinct',
Gerry Anderson's 1990s cops-in-space television show.
John Lee & Steven Woodcock
John and Steven talk to me about their work as Designer Model Makers
on Gerry Andersons 1980s puppet series 'Terrahawks'.
Terry Adlam
Interview with Terry Adlam, special effects man on 'Terrahawks',
creator of 'Dick Spanner', and now comedy writer.
E. C. Tubb
Talking to author E. C. Tubb, creator of the 'Dumarest Saga', about writing his
'Space: 1999' novels, Earl Dumarest, and his thoughts on science-fiction on television.
E. C. Tubb Obituary
Chris Bentley looks back at the writer's long career.
Martin Davison
A quick chat to one of the writers of my all-time favourite film
'Moon Zero Two'.